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ASDA site wins RAD award

An ASDA recruitment advertising site that Baldscone did a lot of custom Flash development for (mainly custom video players, video profiles etc) has won a RAD award.

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TouchOSC & Logic Pro (without Osculator)

I recently downloaded TouchOSC for my iPhone and set it up to control Logic Pro. As of the latest version of Logic Pro 9.1.2 you can use TouchOSC without even needing to install Osculator. Apparently you just install and it works out of the box. BUT – if it doesn’t work for you as smoothly […]

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WordPress iPhone app – incorrect username or password

After trying to setup the WordPress iPhone app and running into “incorrect username or password” errors, I finally sorted it out. It looks like there are quite a few other people with the same problem so I thought I would post it up. For the record I have a self-host setup. Firstly – go online […]

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