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VerifyError: Error #1024: Stack underflow occurred

Wow – I’d never seen this one before. So I’m putting up here to remind me what to look for if I ever see it again! Basically I had a SWF that ran fine in debug build mode in FlashDevelop but if I set it to compile as a release version this error soon appeared. […]

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FlashDevelop – Fixing getDefinitionByName ReferenceError: Error #1065

This is a pretty common error to come across when you first start using FD but I thought it might help someone. Basically when you try to use a class that you have included in your SWC (such as a Bitmap or Sound with a linkage tag) using getDefinitionByName(“MyClassName”) as Class, the compiler throws an […]

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Compiling multiple SWFs from FlashDevelop

I use¬†FlashDevelop for Actionscripting and sometimes I need to export multiple SWFs from a single project. You just need to use the mxmlc compiler tags in your AS class file (make sure the class extends a displayObject) and use Flash Tools > Build Current File. Here is an example of the mxmlc with a bunch […]

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