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VerifyError: Error #1024: Stack underflow occurred

Wow – I’d never seen this one before. So I’m putting up here to remind me what to look for if I ever see it again! Basically I had a SWF that ran fine in debug build mode in FlashDevelop but if I set it to compile as a release version this error soon appeared. […]

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William Hill Careers Papervision

Baldscone was involved in coding the 3D Flash component of this website. Making extensive use of Papervision 3D and XML to create a custom coded navigate-able panorama, it allows the user to navigate the 3D betting room. Content is all provided dynamically along with jobs ticker. Video, images and text are used in textures and […]

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Using Property Lists

A simple way to get values or settings into a project without having to mess around too much! Just create a property list in xcode called Settings.plist for example and add any key values you need. Then when you¬†instantiate your model load it in as an NSDictionary in and voila! //Load in Settings NSString *path […]

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