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Setting background transparent on UI objects

You can just use [UIColor clearColor] whenever you want to set something with a fill transparent inObjective C. You can also do this in Interface builder by selecting the object and opening the colors window. Then adjust the alpha value with the slider at the bottom. This works for all sorts of UI elements – […]

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Defining project constants

Just a quick tip for creating a globally accessible bunch of constants for your iOS project. In AS3 I would use a class with a public static variable but in Objective C you can use constants or definitions and there are probably several other ways to do it. To use constants globally: Define a new […]

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Stampfeet iPhone App

Baldscone was involved in completely re-designing the GUI of Stampfeet’s iPhone App to meet new customer demands and improve the apps look for Apples Retina display. You can check out more details on the app itself at or at Apple’s App Store. Download it now and get Stamping!

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