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This is a legacy site – Tim now works as Team Lead & Senior Developer at Omobono Ltd

Baldscone is run by Tim Johnson, an interactive developer and designer who creates rich interactive experiences. With over 15 years experience, Tim specialises in creating a range of software and games for mobile, web, and desktop platforms for a diverse client base.

For a list of Tim’s specific skills, frameworks used and experience, have a look here or visit the portfolio page.

Latest Work

Emirates Confederation Cup iPad Apps

Baldscone was recently contracted by Stereo Creative to produce an app (actually two) for an Emirates event at the Confederation Cup in Brazil.

The two iPad apps collected data for a goal kicking competition around the stadiums and a second app collated all the data from multiple ipads into a single database to draw the prizes and view/export user data.

Here is a screen capture of the two apps in use (that was used for tutorial purposes).